DK Philosophy

We believe that people all around the world deserve to have beautiful and memorable experiences that will enable them to live healthier and happier lives.  This philosophy motivates dkcos to find innovative and thoughtfully-created K-beauty solutions that is affordable to all.  With uncompromising integrity and steadfast dedication to the well-being of our customers, we create positive, ingredients-focused beauty products to improve the lives of all we touch.  Fueled by passion and genuine love of beauty and its transformational powers, DK Cosmetics’ portfolio of well-established, respected, and award-winning brands has garnered a loyal international following.

Our Technology

The advent of Korean beauty and sheet mask technology changed the global beauty community forever by changing people’s perspectives on how nutrients can be efficiently and effectively delivered to the skin.  Our beginnings as a K-beauty and sheet mask creator and manufacturer adopted this mindset into the fabric and foundation of our company, with our R & D team constantly innovating and challenging industry standards – from ingredient choice and formulations to delivery vessels and methodologies.  Today, DK Cosmetics has established itself as a leading expert in K-Beauty trends and technology.  Using the wisdom and tradition of Korean skin care with the endless possibilities of modern science, DK Cosmetics continues to find transformative, effective and fun ways to bring healthy and happy skin care and color solutions to all.


Our Values

Integrity is a cornerstone of dkcos ’s company values, in which our mission to provide the best in K-Beauty does not compromise our dedication to be kind and do good in this world.  From the onset of our founding, we decided to never test on animals for any of our products and continue to hold true to this value out of respect for all living creatures.  In addition to standing cruelty-free, dkcos brands are also phthalates and paraben free.  Our responsibility to our customer and to our shared earth continues to be a guiding light in every decision we make – never using shortcuts and always pursuing a higher standard in ethical and safety for all of our products.

WORK WITH dkcos ?
DK Cosmetics is a global leader in Korean beauty, inspiring our customers to experience the amazing benefits of the K-beauty lifestyle. We have earned our reputation as a beauty innovator through our entrepreneurial spirit and by creating inspiring new products. We believe every stroke, swipe, and dab unlocks amazing potential and endless possibilities. From this, we share our client’s love for the confidence that our products, services, and expertise brings to their every day lives.

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