Soo Ae Nature Collagen Essence Sheet Masks

///Soo Ae Nature Collagen Essence Sheet Masks

Soo Ae Nature Collagen Essence Sheet Masks


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Hydration and moisture for all skin types!
Quality Tencel Sheet (From Eucalyptus Plant)
Good for sensitive skin
Hydration/Moisturizing is the main function
One for all skin types (12) types

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Aloe – Nourishing Hydration

Achieve ultimate hydration with Aloe, a proven ingredient that nourishes and soothes the skin while supplying your skin with an abundance of nutrients that help fight aging.

Propolis – Lifting & Radiance

Improve skin elasticity and radiance with Honey Extract, an effective ingredient that fights the harmful effects of environmental stressors that lead to sagging and loss of resilience.

Collagen – Firming and Elasticity

Revitalize tired, stressed out skin with this specially formulated Collagen mask that will help to restore and improve its overall elasticity and firmness.

Tea Tree – Soothing Hydration

Clear, calm and soothe troubled and sensitive skin from redness, irritation and breakouts with Tea Tree Leaf Extract, an excellent and proven anti-inflammatory ingredient used for centuries to treat and heal acne and wounds.

Potato – Restore Suppleness

Potato Juice Extract sooths irritated skin while both brightening and evening out the skin’s overall complexion.

ent used for centuries to treat and heal acne and wounds.

Brightening – Lustrous Radiance

Fight dull, uneven skin! Formulated with Niacinamide, an ingredient known to help correct hyperpigmentation in the skin, brighten and dramatically improve the skin’s overall complexion and tone.

Vitamin – Pure Brightening

Formulated with a special blend of vitamins, provide an instant boost to the skin brightening its overall tone while supplying it with plethora of nutrients.

Coenzyme Q10 – Rejuvenate and Firm

Rejuvenate, replenish and protect your skin with Coenzyme Q10, known to stimulate healthy collagen production, cell energy, and reducing UV damage and substances in damaged skin that create havoc on its support structure.

Deep Sea Water – Calming Hydration

Rich in nutrients and minerals sourced from the sea, this mask promotes clear and beautiful skin while providing excellent hydration benefits.

c on its support structure.

Red Ginseng – Refining Moisture

Known to combat toxins caused by stress, Red Ginseng Extract is rich in saponins and an abundant source of nutrients, restoring skin’s overall health, suppleness and radiance.

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